Sunday, November 21, 2010

der dritte schlag

hi,so how i sayd in porsche 911 turbo (930),i wanted do one in RWB style,so i did one yesterday:Dso what all i did on it:
-RWB style bodykit(front bumper,sideskirts,rear bumper,spoiler.modeled by me)
-interior(steering wheel and seats,from my trd levin)
-edited exhaust
-new paint(dark grey matte,that mean i removed reflection,its still grey like that,its not paintable by gta colors,few RWB decals)
-edited plates(new numbers,rear one is moved to newly modeled plate hole)
-new wheels(work nezart's in same gold color like are decals,they are matte too)
thats probaly all this time,so cya ;D
(btw,i did another video,you can check it here :D)