Sunday, November 7, 2010

toyota soarer z10.... 街道レーサー agin

hi,so theres my next car,its agin a soarer z10 bosozoku :D.actualy now its more or less remake of my first z10 bosozoku,but i did some things agin different,i found one more pic of THAT car with what its inspired,so i did some things like on it,but how i say its not suposed to be an 100% replica....anyway,what i did on it:
-sharknosed front
-new headlights(edited from my tuned c110)
-cleaned rear(removed original taillights and place for plate,added one taillight from corona rt by CLUBTH)
-diffuzor under rear bumper
-lip under front bumper
-new exhaust
-new wheels(SSR formula mesh)
-mirror moved to doors
-opened windows
-rising sun flag(originaly it was small thailand flag on one silvia s15 by CLUBTH,but i edit it,its a extra,thats why i did opened windows :D)
-edited plates(from previous z10 with that pj)
-pj(from previous z10 with that pj,i didnt change anything in pj)
-decals(they are same too,except i replace bridgestone logo with tom's logo.i couldnt found any good pic of that logo so i did it by myself)
idk what more to say about this one,so thats probaly all for now,so cya;D