Sunday, May 22, 2011


hi,so there is my next car,this time i decided i will do one kanjo racer,an osaka jdm civic.i decided i will use for it my wonder what i did on it:
-new pj(bumpers are black,its just white,its not paintable anymore,alot of decals,rising sun flag on bonnet)
-new spoiler(modelled by me)
-edited plates(front one was deleted,rear one was gumtaped to bumper)
-new taillights(with red centre,first time i used them on my motul civic)
-edited interior(new swheel and front seats,removed rear seats,added rollcage,added gauges, a site on driver window modeled by me)
-edited engine(rising sun flag was painted on cilinder head)
-new exhaust
-new wheels(hayashi 5spoke by ENDO,nonstretched tire edited by me from N2levin)
so thats probaly all,i have ready next car to show up,but about that thats all for now,so cya;D.