Sunday, May 8, 2011

nissan cedric y31 police

hi,so there is my next car:D.if you sometimes check NELLY blog,you might notice he did that cedric too,but he didnt relase it,so i decided i will find out from where he get the model and do it by myself lol.CAPR1CE sayd me from where it is and sended me a link (thx:D) so i could start work on on pics is a second version actualy,first one i did week ago,but this weekend i decided i rework what i did on it:
-converted from one mod for battlefield 1943 to sa
-remodeled body(more about this under the ingame pics)
-new wheels(steelies)
-new plates
-sa lights
-added engine(same like is in my y30 gloria)
more about this car under the ingame pics...

so how i sayd it have remodeled body,on pics bellow you can see the differencec between v1 (original untouched model) and v2(my re-model)

i had to remodel whole doors,it didnt even had polys for them,to made them openable,also i remodel taillights,front indicators,front foglights,all windows...also i fixed some welding problems...

i remodel the lights and foglights especialy because i going to do a stock version from it,wich will be paintable,so i obviously didnt wanted to lights get colored with the rest of the body lol...well thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.