Sunday, October 31, 2010

toyota soarer z10 街道レーサー

hi,so before i get to the car,some of you may know i playing samp agin:D,i playing on RS server so you can meet me to the car, theres first boso(on this z10 model i going to do especilay boso) of my new z10:D.actualy first i wanted re-do THIS one,but then i decided first i do some new,and this one i do later,most probaly next lets move to new one,what all gets changed...
-bodykit(lip,sideskirts,real lip,modeled by me,actualy that kit was on bp with what i did stock one,i decided i do stock first,and tuned with that kit later,theres one PIC with come with that was added spoiler,wich is from convert of ENDOs c10 wich i show few days ago)
-removed hole for rear licence plate
-new exhaust(exhaust like this is called zig-zag,its modeled by me)
-horns in front bumper
-pj(inspired HERE,but i add a comet on left headlight)
-temporary plates
-new wheels(ssr mk.III by MIMI)
-tsurikawa's in interior
idk what more to say,so thats probaly all for now,so cya;D