Thursday, October 21, 2010

liberty city futo-pa

hi,so i finnaly posting this:D that is that idea wich i get while i was doing pics of skylines for c210 update,do a parking for meetings,something like is daikoku futo in tokyo,so i did this :D. i called it liberty city futo (lcfuto),and i place it in stauton island,close to bridge to shortside something right about the map,i import to zmodeler models of this place,and on it i modeled a desk,then i delete original model and detail that desk,because i did it like a addon map,its not attached to original model.all these white strips are modeled,not textured,next i put here toilets building and vending machine from my nikko,next i add here an traffic sign,wich is edited from my hakone.on back side of map i did an betom fence,on front an regular fence,how you can see on pics xD,i had to edit original model too alittle,because in entry was one that red/white barrier,so had to delete it...i rly dont know what next to say about it.
thx to KEISUKE for cleo mod wich spawn cars here,they changing sometimes,like colors and on allmost all places even cars:D.
if someone will be interested,i will relase it,but because i dont know about anyone next who using sa:lc,i not going to relase it now.
thats all for now,so cya;D.