Sunday, October 17, 2010

nissan skyline c210

hi,so im here with next car:D actualy i did it allmost week ago already,but i somehow didnt have time to do a how you can see its a nissan skyline c210 (also known as JAPAN).i remake it from c210 4door by some japanese modder+fix some bugs what i did on it:
-remaked from sedan to coupe
-added engine(sedan didnt had it)
-remaked interior(retextured carpet and dashboard,new seats from r30,s.wheel from skyline c110 by 41AEIMI,mirror from r30)
-fixed smoothing
-some things are retextured(grill,taillights,mirrors etc)
added badges(one on gril i made right for this car,ones on sides are from c110 by 41AEIMI,one on back is from my c110)
-edited bumpers(on rear is added small red lights and black stripe.on front are retextured indicators,added hole under licence plate,added black stripe)
-added licence plates
-new wheels(by SVANDER)
thats probaly all for now,so cya;D

2 skyline meeting-like pics,actualy these 2 pics give me idea for something,when i do it you will see it ;).