Saturday, August 4, 2012

nissan skyline c110 gt-x and gt-r

hi,so another car:D...well, 2 cars actualy,but since they are more or less same,i decided i post them in one its actually a my version of FLASH what i did on it:

-fixed some things,as trunk etc
-completely retextured
-new taillights,and original grill on gt-x one
-new interior(from my c110)
-reworked engine and engine bay alittle bit
-added plates
-added badges
-adapted to improved vehicle lights mod
-new wheels,stock steelies
-handling,vehicles.ide and carcol lines

well,thats probably all about these you could notice i changed the blog header,it actualy using my new logo that i going to use on some my cars,i actualy used it on one car already lol...well thats probably all this time,so cya;D.