Monday, June 14, 2010

toyota ae86 levin coupe tuned

hi,so im here with next my car,this time i tuned REIMU levin what i did on it:
-new LED tailights (remodeled by me)
-new grill with working foglights(modeled by me,thx to TOM2 for that texture:D)
-retextured and alittle remodeled headlights( by me)
-added lip on front bumper(by REIMU)
-new wheels(te37v by me)
-new engine(4a-ge by REIMU,but i modeled whole new exhaust didnt had turbo,so i modeled my own turbo with pipe to intake and put it here,filter whats on turbo is by REIMU too)
-edited interior(new seats by TOM2,momo s.wheel by KAMIL,rollcage,pedals,and one added gauge by REIMU,next 4 added gauges by me)
-new licence plates(by KEISUKE)
-my new logo on rear window,and GARAGE グレッド-if you asking wtf is this,i wanted something like have,for example MIMI-tuned car office,etc,so i did GARAGE グレッド (グレッド means gred in japanese),later i will probaly rename my blog,and do some logo:D)
-new reflections

after long time i did new VIDEO from SA,in what is used that levin.check it if you want;D.
so thats all this time,so cya;D.