Saturday, October 24, 2009

mazda rx7 FC3S v2 final

čau,dodělal sem svojí fc3s do lfs,nechce se mi se moc rozepisovat takže co se změnilo sem vložim z readme xD(jen v angličtině).

hi,i finish my fc3s to lfs,im lazy to writing now so "what changed"things i copy here from readme xD.
whats new in new version:
-working on patch V,you can use bespoke for change wheels here
-deleted spoiler and intercooler,V have low poly limit
-decals on rear window,you can edit them in some dds editor
-new interior speedometers
-some textures are new,especialy interior

(wheels what you can see on pics not included)

tested on patch V10 and Z22