Tuesday, March 30, 2010

toyota corolla ae70 tuned

hi,so here is tuned version of ae70,actualy i did it yesterday already,but i was too lazy to take pics xD.so whats new on it:
-front lip
-removed rear bumper
-added spoiler(remaked from my c110)
-removed indicators from front fenders
-new mirrors
-oilcooler(by GOSUKE)
-engine (4a-ge)
-wheels(jilba racing by TOM2)
interior(new swheel,removed rear seats,new front seats,new pedals,added speedometers,rollcage)
-licence plates(agin mixed from MIMI yokohama plate and BUSTERS numbers)
i agin had to made pics alittle bright...thats all this time,so cya;D.