Sunday, April 4, 2010

suzuki alto works ca72v

so hi,here is my another car,i allways wanted some kei car in my game(kei cars are these small cars,they weight isnt more than 1ton,they have yellow plates,if someone not know it xD)so i did this,its a suzuki alto works ca72v ;D,if you know this car so you probaly know it allmost all the time is in white color with red-grey stripes,but i dediced i made white part paintable,i too did a drift handling for it (its a 4WD,3cylinder turbo but whatever)if you dont belive me is possible to drift with these cars,so check THIS video ;D. anyway, kinda interesting how i get to that i did it.actualy,one ca72v for gta already exist, HERE is one pic of you can see,its quality is rly bad,something like stock gta cars,it also have a sotck gta car interior,no engine etc...first i wanted remake it,but after i dediced it will be easyer to do a new one,so i do it ;D.its allmost whole by scratch by me,i doing it allmost 3days :D, i say allmost whole by me because something on it is from someone next,here is list what isnt by me:
-plates+tires (by MIMI)
-engine without exhaust header and turbo(specialy created for this car by SVANDER from GOM-TEAM)
-exhaust header+turbo,wheels(wheels created specialy for this car by TOM2,exhaust header and turbo is too by him,but i take it from his sr20det,and remake it for this engine)
except these things,its whole by me,so i think its about...94% xD.i plaining to tune it to a drift style,and mb even bosozoku too ;D....lawl,now i see its probaly longest "intro"to my car i ever write,so i dont even except someone will read it,but i will be glad when alteast one person read it xDso thats all,so cya next time ;D.