Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hakone nanamagari

so hi,so im here with next update,its nota car this time,but a map,i decided i try do some map from scratch,so i did it,some time ago i talked with MIMI on msn,and he say me he was here and send me some pic,+ i know this place from some videos,so i decide i do a hakone nanamagari,so i did:D.HERE is one google maps pic.model is 100% by me,and actualy its my first gta map where is used new have 2 roads,one more grey is old way,and the more bright one is new one.from new one you can go on old one by shortcut.i did it like this because new way dont have too much corners,so you are faster at peak:Dand on peak is small parking. i think all other can be seen on pics:D

and now come something what i didnt did long time,and after this i long time not do agin xD i relase this map :O so celebrate it xD


its not best map on the world,but i hope you enjoy it;D

here are some reasons why i relasing it:1,map and car mod is something different,i mean what can be ripped from map xD,2,i'd like to see someone do some video or take pics of his mods on it,is ok if you put it on your blog,but give me a credit ;D.

in the end i want thanks to these guys:
MIMI,basicly he give me that idea i do this map
S13,for his good tutorial how do a colision
KEISUKE,for testing etc

thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.