Thursday, August 19, 2010

datsun bluebird v2

hi,so how i sayd yesterday,theres next update:D,this time its new version of datsun bluebird 910,wich i did few months ago.actualy i did new version because not so long time ago i meet on street THIS 910:D,so i taked alot of things and use them like textures:D,so what all was changed:
-new textures taked by me(headlights,grill,taillights,bumpers,wheels,door handles,indicators in front bumper)
-remodeled grill(first i wanted just change texture for mine,but later i decided i will use that texture like a blueprint and i model it,i didnt wanted put here just material so i use that photo i taked like texture:D)
-new wheels(modeled by me with my texture)
-new interior texture( i used stock interior texture from stock 910 for racer,i converted it from race one,but in first i didnt change it)
-new reflections(actualy i taked pic of sky,and then i used it like reflection xD but i like it:D)
-new plates
thats all for now,i dont have anything next ready for show here,so until i do something next cya;D.