Sunday, September 23, 2012

cosmo ap grachan

hi,so there is my next car,a grachan styled cosmo ap :D.actually its based on the red shakotan i did,not on full stock,so it have some things same lol xD,so anyway,what i did on it:

-bodykit(overfenders,spoiler,modeled by me)
-edited bumpers(removed these black thingy's)
-headlight covers(set as misc_a,so when the lights light,they hide somewhere to the ground xD)
-interior(black tinned,swheel and oldschoo lracing seats,except for that its totaly same interior as in my red shakotan)
-edited plates
-new wheels(ssr mk.3 by MIMI)
-adapted to ivlm

thats probably all this time,i still have something to show up,so cya next time ;D.