Wednesday, March 20, 2013

nissan skyline r30 rs-turbo

hey,so there is my another car,after a while another colab with FLASH,this time its a skyline r30 rs-turbo :D. reson of why we decided to do this one because the other availible ones are quite far from real like usally FLASH did main model,and i did everything my part this time was:

-converted to sa
-some fixes on body(remodeled roof, remodeled side trims,remodeled space for rear licence plate)
-remodeled headlights(part of them was took from ENDO's r30)
-few more details from  ENDO's r30 (mirrors,but edited,gt badges on front fenders,but retextured,engine)
-remodeled taillights
-finished interior(some details were missing,like gearknob,etc)
-new tires
-added plates
-added my exhaust
-added indicator on front fenders by me)
- added badges
-modeled antenna on the roof
-paintable(2 colors,bottom is for the black/red-silver color,also i used the color i used at bottom as a texture of bumpers,trims,etc,so it fit 100%)
-rs turbo decals on side(set as 3rd color,because not all r30s had it)
-steering wheel adapted to the steering.cs
-lights adapted to ivlm

and thats probably all about the car :D.also you might notice my sky is abit different,you maybe saw the skybox mod on gta inside,well it didnt rly worked well,so i did my own based on it,in day (6:00-22:00)it have the sunset texture,at night (22:00-6:00) it uses the star sky texture...also i changed the weather,now whole sa uses the san fierro's sunny weather only :D....well thats probably all this time,i have there more mods to work on,so seeya with next update ;D.