Saturday, April 23, 2016

the final post.

so...the day haz come....this is the final post i making on this blog...noone rly reads blogs anymore anyway,wich is sad,but i guess nothing can be done about it...

...but that doesnt mean i completely abandoned modding and such things,i have now completely moved to the s-tuner,still doing new mods for it :D

you might notice a instagram button was added on the right side of the blog...thats becasue i actually set an instagram profile few days ago :D i wanted to keep posting my stuff,and this seem to be a good platform for if you want to see my recent work,what i work on,etc,click on the instagram button in the menu at right side,or HERE :)

oh and also,ppls have told me that the onedrive button in menu leads to empty folder,so i checked it and it shall be allright now,if not let me know in the comments section

so yes...i actually considered deleting the blog already,but since i have it for 8 years now,i i keep it up,i just wont rly post...i dont abandon the blog completely tho,occasionally i will look there lmao...and who knows,maybe one day i will get back to posting here...i mean this is like 3rd final post lmfao...but this time i think its for real...

so anyway,that would be all from me...thanks for reading my blog in the past years,and cya ;D

EDIT 15.8.2016.... or maybe not,again,lmao