Sunday, August 28, 2016

better late than never....hakone route 1.

...that what they say,right? anyway hi,so here goes another map this time a hakone route 1 :D.this map haz been originally made by FR STYLE,he gave it to me,to fix it,convert it in game,etc...4 YEARS AGO....there was quite lots of issues etc,and i didnt had will,or knowledge to deal with it anyhow,so i just converted it,made a video on it and left it be....till now.i somehow felt like getting this done finallly,and also i wanted to install some touge,but nothing from these i have was exactly what i was looking for....then i remembered i have this hakone r1 map in the projects folder,and decided to install it...after few runs i knew its the time to get this done what i did on it:

-new convert,scaled it propertly this time,it was way too big...that original convert was 6 dffs,finished one is just 3 :D
-enviroment was completely reworked and fixed,lots of remodelling so everything fits,all new trees,new parkings,new guard rails,rockhills at some places....this took the longest time
-retextured,i kept the original road texture and that sidewalk texture,both were slightly edited at some places,rest is all new
-proper colision setting,when you drive on the grass,car act like its on grass,and also it generates lots of vegetation around the map
-proper prelight,tryed to keep it in stock sa style,wich means its dark at night,bright at day,etc :D
-lod models,so its vissible from far
-generic sa lamps around the map you can figure out,i tryed to make the map as perfect as i could,and im very happy with the result :D


-same location as sakura valley is...i figured out its the best place for this map...if there will be enough demand i will reposition the sakura valley and relase it....if you dont know where sakura valley was,check the "location.jpg" picture wich is in the archive....

now lets have few pictures...

and if the pics arent enough,then,like usaly with new map,i made a showcase video :D

anyway,like usaly with the new map,i relasing it,so here you go and enjoy :D

if you want,you may edit it,like different textures,no trees version...whatever...but give the credits!

anyway that would be all for now,i have more more thing ready to post (if you follow my instagram,you know what i talking about hahaha),but about that some other until then,cya ;D