Wednesday, January 31, 2018

toyota ae86 levin...v3.

ah and ae86 all started by trd levin convert nearly 8 years ago...shortly after i made a first stock version out of it, but it was pretty terrible...about 4 years ago i made a second version, wich i considered to be pretty good...untill i wanted to make another tuned version based on it, lol...i figured out this thing needs a complete makeover...

...and here it is.

anyway hi, its been a while, how are you guys been? im still relatively active in modding, tho i still do stuff mostly for stuner atm...truth is, i made the v3 nearly half year ago, shortly after i finished the new hakone, lol...if you follow my instagram (where im way more active than here lmao), you might remember i posted some wip shots of it back then...but i never got to post about fully finished one untill now lmao...

so yeah, i was working on a tuned one, but more i worked on it, the more i figured out the v2 is pretty bad...weird mix of zenki and kouki, with tuned rear bumper, on a stock car, i scrapped the tuned one i was working on and decided its time to do the stock one propertly first. i was thinking if to make a zenki or kouki out of it, and i decided to go with the end it would probably be easyer if i would go with kouki, but oh well lmao, id say i like the zenki more not really going to write a full list of changes like i used to do this time, not only it would be super long, but also after that half year, i barely remember it too lmao...but here goes slightly shorter version lel:

-completely reworked exterior to make it zenki with everything that zenki i supposed to have, from the taillights to the headlights and everything between. i was using brochures as a reference, i also made some missing details, such as fuel cap and rear wiper and fixed a bunch of the v2, the front rotating grile was actually openable, with the lights turned on...i decided to remove this during remodelling the grille, as it wasnt too realistic anyway

-completely reworked interior, its still the interior originally from GTAPEX's ae86 for racer, it was an kouki interior tho. i have reworked it completely to the zenki, from the interior tint, gauges, to the front seats...i also fixed a bunch of bugs there, modelled rear seats wich were completely missing and also made a whole new doorwells or how you call know, these things you see when you open the doors

-reworked engine, the v2 had mostly untouched tuned engine from the original model, in v3 case, the engine bay is still the original one out of racer, but reworked, and the engine itself is an stock 4a-ge out of some nfs model, wich needed a bunch of fixings too

-reworked wheels, its still the wheels that we did with FLASH for our corona t14, but they had a wayy too big concave and few bugs so i reworked and fixed that, i also made a new texture for them as there was a pretty big uv map error on them...

-reworked car colors, already the v2 had a mix of panda and simple colors, but it was done pretty poorly, so i added a third color in the carcols line and i got a much better results :D i added few new colors too, but its still mostly based on the brochures:D

-4 extra parts, i decided to add some optional parts as extra, mostly from 1985 model, wich is nearly same besides few details. it goes like this:
*extra1: digital gauges (availible in both 83 and 85 models)
*extra2: gold lines on the grille (apperantly all models from 85 had them)
*extra3: gold lines on grille, oprional aero parts (lip, sideskirts and trunk spoiler, i decided to keep the sideskirts black even on the non panda models even tho it would be pretty easy to make them paintable, i actually tryed and they just look better in black lel)
*extra4: same as extra3+digital gauges

-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

lots of work went into it and im pretty sure i missed lots of things, but whatever, i think the pics of finished car speaks for themselfs, im very happy with the result :).

so yeah, that will be all for now, i actually have few more things to post, mainly a tuned version of this one, so see you again in few days ;D.