Sunday, September 30, 2018

i think this is it...

hey, its been a while, again...

theres something i have on my mind for a while now. this might really be a last post on this blog.

i know i know, i announced i quit several times already and allways ended up coming back, but this time its different. this time i dont quit with 3d as a whole, as i still enjoy it ocasionally, this time i think its time to quit posting here and move on elsewhere.

you see, there were times when i finished a mod and i was just itching to post about it here, but that feeling is gone for a few years i post there more or less only because it allways was like this, honestly i dont really even enjoy it anymore...good example of that is the wr2 convert of tuned levin you see under this text, i finished that convert over 8 months ago and i still didnt felt like posting about it here...if someone wonder, this is that "one more thing to post about" i mentioned in last post...

i know why is that. lets face the facts. mod blogs are dead. have a look into the blog roll for example. blogs that once used to be very active are now dead for years, shoutboxes is dead, noone cares about blogs anymore. its sad, but that how it is...

i simply came to conclusion that its pointless to keep posting anything here, since noone cares, even me by now.

it also feels like over the years, i made this blog too restricted to be around modding, even tho i like to post my real life stuff aswell, i just never really felt like this is a right place to post that stuff here...ofcourse i could change that, but theres no point in that now anyway.

now, i sayd that id like to move elsewhere. but where? thats pretty easy. instagram.

i have my instagram profile for a few years now, i post pretty much anything from my modding to real life stuff there, and i enjoy it alot. about same like i used to enjoy post here. instagram just replaced this place for me completely by now.

so, if you want to keep following what im up to, i invite you to check MY INSTAGRAM PROFILE ;).

now, what about this blog? even tho this is probably last post ever, i going to keep it up and running. after all, its over 10 years of my life, it feels too nostalgic to just delete it...and who knows, maybe one time i will feel like posting something here again...but at this point, i seriously doubt it.

and thats it. id like to thank all of you for reading my blog over the years, id never thought it will last this long, but everything gotta end one day. thank you very much, and i will hopefully see you at instagram ;).

good bye ;).