Sunday, June 12, 2011

nissan leopard f30

hi,so there is my next car,i wanted show it 2days ago already,but i somehow didnt get to it lol...anyway,its agin an scratch made car,this time a nissan leopard f30,i wanted do that car for some time already,but finnaly i get to usally,some things arent modeled by me,these things are:
-wheels(stock f30 wheels,i asked TOM2 if he could do it,since he did them faster with max,than i would be doing it with zm)
-interior mirror
-dashboard and swheel(but i remodel them alot)
and thats all,so i think its like 95% by working time,from nothing to what you see on pics was 11 hours,its my first scratch made car done in one sit :D...btw,its my car for CHASE's contest thats probaly all about this car...also,i made a new VIDEO,featuring my new map,i will do a own post of it soon;) thats all for now,so cya;D.