Sunday, June 5, 2011

nissan skyline c210 bosozoku

hi,so another bosozoku car after some time,this time its a skyline c210:D.i wanted do something with my new one,so i thought it will be cool to made boso version first what all was changed:
-spoiler(modeled by me,its not just put over the polys,i remoder whole fenders and trunk)
-lip(modeled by me)
-new taillights(they are from celica ra28,these tails are also known as banana tails,i alittle edit them when i did put them here,like i keeped that skyline part and plate hole,,well i did new one for it,to made it rly fit)
-new exhaust(zigzag modeled by me,actualy this one is newly modeled,my old one wasnt that much so i decided i do a new one)
-edited grill(i wanted do something unusual,so i did this xD,but it look good i think:D)
-paintjob(by me)
-new wheels(ssr longchamps by MIMI)
and thats all,not that many things was done,but still i think result is nice:D.i did one more bosozoku car,but about that tomorow ;).so thats all for now,so cya;D.
(btw: i did a new video,kinda bosozoku meeting,all the bosozoku cars/bikes i have ingame are here,also there is possible to see that car wich i will show tomorow,can you say wich one it is?;D)

with the bosozoku version done on previous c210,i actualy thinking about do same one on the new model :D...