Sunday, September 25, 2011

celica xx...boso

hi,so theres an bosozoku version of my XX...i wanted show it earlyer,but i somehow didnt have time for it what i did on it:

-bodykit(front lip and sidskirts modeled by me,added diffusor,remodeled trunk by me,edited original celica xx spoiler)
-edited taillights(cleaned up rear,added universal tails)
-edited headlights(one is crossed,second have a marchal decal on it)
-interior(mirror is abit moved and have my dices on it,a rollcage,tsurikawa's,cocacola flag at rear)
-paintjob by me
-new wheels(ssr mk.2 from shift2)
-new exhaust by me

and maybe some more things wich i forgot lol...i have some more boso cars to show,so cya next time ;D.