Wednesday, September 7, 2011

early 90s!

...the time when a bodykits wasnt the most important thing,back then was more important how you can drive:D.exactly in that style is my new car,a silvia what all i did on it:

-added spoiler(converted by me from slrr,i already used it one time)
-brick headlights
-edited grill(painted to black,added stripes from SSR logo)
-foglights in bumper(modeled by me)
-interior(new seats,steering wheel,added my decal on dash)
-new wheels(ssr formula mesh,i made a centre to a gold color,brake disc is by mimi,but i retextured it,non stretched tire edited and retextured by me)
-painjob(not a sa paintable color,i made it as texture,added some decals,i wanted do some kind of team on front window,so i come with "late night run",since i like it,i will for sure use it on some more cars ;D)
-edited plates(it have number 905, 5 stands for S,so 90S ;D)

and thats probaly all about this one....i have more things to show up,so cya next time ;D.
(btw:one nice example of early 90s styled s13 here,i inspired alot by this :D)