Thursday, November 24, 2011

...and remember this? in this post,i agin reworked some of my old car :D.this time its and toyota mr2 what all was changed:

-fixed body(fixed normals,welded etc)
-added details(modeled trims,remodelled bonnet,modelled black lines at doors,new went at side,the one i using on bosozoku cars etc)
-new taillights(the aw11 ones wich i did for my boso corona)
-new interior(one from REIMU aw11)
-remodeled trunk and engine
-reworked headlights(now they rly work like a popup)
-new wheels(original aw11 ones from original aw11 by S13,but i put on them new tire and retexture them)
-new plates
-spoiler is a extra now
-i even did realistic carcol

well thats probaly all :D.i have some more things to show up,but about that later....cya;D.