Tuesday, November 29, 2011


...sort of xD btw hi,so there is my tuned version of my aw11 :D,so what i did on it:

-new trunk(inspired HERE,but i did it my kinda different way,i reworked "c pillar" to look more clean,also i reworked and added here original aw11 spoiler)
-new front bumper(by me,inspired HERE)
-new vent on side(i did second type of it,soon on some bosozoku car xD)
-new wheels(my renoma)
-new exhaust(by me)
-new steering wheel and driver seat in interior)
-lowered reflection setting

and thats probaly all,not much was done this time,but well....xD.i have more things to show up,so cya next time;D.