Friday, January 20, 2012

teh laurel...

hey,so there is my next car,after a while,some newschool drift car :D.its based on nissan laurel c35 by what i have done on it:

-bodykit(dmax one modeled by me,includes bumpers,sideskirts,bonnet,front fenders,trunk spoiler)
-custom grill(by me)
-remodeled engine bay
-engine(after a while i used 3d one,rb26 originaly by TOM2,but with some my decent changes,as textures,not so highpoly turbo,another exhaust etc...)
-edited lights(inside of headlights is black now,inside of taillights is red/chrome now)
-interior(half stripped,carbon doorboards by me,custom stripped part from rear seats modeled by me,dashboard is cutted in half and some things are replaced with carbon, TOM2 seats,new swheel,dildo gearknob by CHASE,tree on mirror,race numbers and tire stickers on RR doorboard,rollcage,etc...)
-reworked licence plate place on trunk(smaller,mostly in body color but back side is black)
-removed badges from trunk,except laurel one
-new wheels(gram lights 57d yellow converted from nfs shift2 by KEISUKE)
-paintjob(its non paintable now in violet,door handles are in car color too,mirrors are black now,bonnet have glitter effect now,but its under side have a rising sun flag,there are gum taped race numbers on doors,garage gred logo on front window...)
-lots of textures was changed,more or less all,also it have my chrome
-new licence plate(just at rear)

idk what more to say about this,so just check the pics lol...i have one more car to show,but about that later,until then cya ;D.