Thursday, January 5, 2012

celica II

hi,so there is my next car:D,i actualy did one before this one too,but i decided i first show this might ask,wtf is a celica II,good question,its actualy a celica XX with markII front swap,so thats why i decided i will call it a celicaII what i did on it:

-swapped front(now it have front from markII gx71,but i used another type of front bumper from 41AEIMI markII wagon,also i abit remodeled the part under the bumper,to made it look like its a lip xD)
-remodeled rear(i removed original rear bumper,and did here place for bumper and bumper itself from markII too :D)
-sideskirts by me
-my diffuzor at rear
-spoiler on trunk modeled by me
-edited front foglights,they are yellow now
-edited taillights,they now have a LONZA covers modeled by me
-aw11 wents on rear fenders
-wents on front fenders modeled by me
-removed rear wiper
-indicators on front fenders from laurel c130 by CLUBTH
-new exhaust,simple pipes in this case,by me
-interior(in this car i put ltos of effort in interior,turned from blue interior to black/red,dashboard cover modeled by me,remodeled hat holder,rollcage,tsurikawa's,dices,cocacola flag,celicaII plates,my pioneer repros...)
-edited plates,lightable ones in this case
-new wheels (my lastest trd ones)

so thats probaly all about this car,i have 2 more to show,but about them cya for now ;D.