Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry chrismas :D

hi,and so merry chrismas :D,as chrismas present for you,i decided i relase pack of my old c210's,because i did new one from scratch,so i dont need these anymore,so you can have them :D

so what all is in the pack:



you say you didnt saw this car yet?thats right,i actualy never posted it on blog,i did it like half of year ago already,but like day after i finished it i did new c210 from scratch,better one,so i decided i do tuned version like that on new one (this is it),so i didnt even showed fast,what i did on it:

-headlights,grill,bumpers reworked to c211 version
-taillights reworked to c210 GL version
-remodeled rear fenders,to fit the wheels
-added lip,spoiler,and some other bullshit lol...

so,thats probally all,so enjoy them :D

so thats all about todays post,so enjoy the chrismas,more than me,i have to go to work cya;D.