Monday, February 27, 2012

shakotan yonmeri

hi,so here is my next car :D,this time i took my c110 yonmeri and did a shakotan from it :D so what all i did on it:

-some aero parts(lip and spoiler)
-taillight swap (they are from laurel c130 by CLUBTH)
-bumpers swap(yea,i even swapped the bumpers lol...they are from my markII x30)
-interior(red carpet,some pioneer components wich are done by me,dices on mirror)
-badges(badges from sides was removed,nows there datsun and skyline badges on front and back,skyline badge is original c110,but its done by SVANDER,datsun badge is from 510 from forza 3,both edited by me)
-front indicators are too from laurel c130
-trims around windows are black now
-tined rear windows,RR have a lonesone car boy decal on it
-new wheels (techno-yayoi by MIMI)
-edited plates
-edited exhaust
-paintjob(well,it look like a stock sa color,it actualy is,but i used a material with that color on it,so its not paintable anymore)

so thats probaly all about this car...i have more to show,so cya next time ;D.