Saturday, March 24, 2012

marlboro :P

hi,so here is my next car,this time some wild bosozoku after a while xD...this time its after a while a cresta gx71,as a smoker i decided this time a paintjob will be a cigarretes oriented,i decided i use marlboro...even thought i smoke L&M anyway,what all i did on it:

-bodykit(overfenders,sideskirts,rear part,lip,spoilers...except the boot spoiler all modeled by me)
-vents(aw11s ones on side,3 pairs of leopard f30 ones on bonnet)
-remodeled taillights
 -added oilcooler
-side indicators from laurel c130 by CLUBTH
-edited interior(from blue reworked to black/red,added rollcage,dices,tsurikawas,cocacola flag and pioneer repros)
-new exhaust(zigzag one by me)
-new wheels(SSR F5 by MRZASEN,also after a while i did a decent cambers :P)
-paintjob(marlboro,lots of decals...)

and thats probaly all xD,i have more to show,so cya next time ;D.