Monday, March 19, 2012

subaru 360...shakotan?

hi,so here is a tuned version of my subaru 360 :D,i would say its abit shakotan styled,but i leave the judgement up to what all i did:

-some aerodinamics(lip,spoiler,both modeled by me)
-edited lights(front one are black from inside now,also i modeled a transparent covers of them,tailligths was moved to the bottom,next to the bonnet)
-reworked interior(interior now have carpet everywhere,front seat have a head rests modeled by me,new gauges,also seats and doorboard and gauges pannel is in different leather than rest,new steering wheel,added some audio,my pioneer components,dices on mirror)
-new wheels(original hayashi streets for subaru 360 modeled by me)
-new exhaust(modeled by me)
-added yellow foglights(modeled by me)
-new paint(its permanent red now,roof is white with red stripes in same red as rest of the body,wipers,mirrors,and these small opened windows on doors was painted to black color)
-new licenceplate textures

thats probaly all...i have more things to show up,so cya next time :D.