Thursday, April 5, 2012

nissan leopard f31

hi,so here is my next car,this time itsa nissan leopard f31...originaly its done by FLASH,but he send me it,and i fixed it and modified what all i did on it:

-retextured(headlights,taillights,think of it,i retextured whole body to my textures...)
-remodeled front bumper(original didnt had indicators or cut for licence plate,so i had to model it here...also i did the black space behind the hole)
-remodeled windows and black trims around them
-interior(i reworked interior pretty much,i modeled whole new carpet,modeled doorboards,pretty much rework the dashboard,added new seats and a mirror...)
-new exhaust
-added plates
-new wheels(stock f31 ones modeled by me)
-added badges

well thats probaly all about the car...more info under the pics....

but thats not all,i also modified a blog abit,you maybe notice the new section "my nnest webpages",here is link to my other,MY WAY blog,also some time ago i and one my friend did a FTP,i moved here all the downloads that i had on skydrive,you probaly notice the downloads button is gone too,but i didnt changed the links in the post...i will leave them how they are,but the next downloads will be at my ftp already.also next here is a YOUTUBE link,wich is linked to my ytb profile.....also that iphone alike visitors thing is gone,i added original from blogger,since the iphone alike is realy shity...and like last edit,i added the favorite posts,wich shows favorite posts of my readers in last 7 days...that would be all about the blog..

oh by the way,i did the new VIDEO,a downhill at akagi...well thats all this time,so cya;D.