Monday, October 15, 2012

project markII 80s - PART3

hello,so this is the last part of the markII 80s project :D actually how i sayd last time, not much really changed,so i will write what changed here:
-abit remodelled front bumper agin,i did a space for the oilcooler i added,its the oilcooler that i did for my shakotan mira
-added horns,wich i took from some boso bike,lol
-added a decal on the front window,it should say a "gred car works" but who ever knows,its a google translate xD
-added dices on the mirror,they are converted from some game by someone long time ago,i dont actually remember lol
-moddeled sort of grill behind the rear window
-lightable licence plate,also the place behind the plate is black now
-retextured wheels,its not rly much vissible,i did a render alike texture for them
-fixed rear bumper

how i sayd,not much really changed from the last now enjoy the pics of finished car,i will write the complete changelog like usally under them...

this time i actualy didnt used a camhack at all like usally lol xD,well anyway,there is the complette changelog:

-bodykit(bumpers,sideskirts,some kind of lines at the bottom of doors,spoiler,fender thins,bonnet vent,all modelled by me)
-chromed fender flares
-limousinne antena at the trunk(from some lincoln model)
-interior(dices from some game,some kind of grill behind the rear window modelled by me)
-lonza taillights cover(modelled by me)
-oilcooler behind the bumper(moddeled by me,except the pipes)
-horns on the front bumper(from some bike)
-new exhaust(modelled by me)
-new wheels(heroes racing spyro by FLASH)
-new plates(lightable ones)

so this is pretty much all:D,in the end i want to thank to few ppls:
-FLASH,for wheels
-KEISUKE,for one edited cleo that now allows me to leave wheels abit steered while im not in car,wich is good for taking pics,notice the pics in this post,allmost all have it xD
-also i want to thanks to these guys for they ideas and objections they give me while making this thing ;D

so this is all about this car :),i quite enjoyed making this one,somehow more than any other lol..let me know in shotbox if you like this kind of posting,and if i shall do it more often like this,or this was just enough ;)

well,and thats all,i have 2 more cars to post here,without any stories agin,lol,acutaly i even did them before the stock markII xD but i decided i will skip them for that cya next time ;)