Wednesday, November 7, 2012

nissan laurel c33 drift

hi,its quite a while since last update,huh?well,its even longer since i did this car lol,around 3 months already lol,but i somehow bever got time or wasnt in mood for posting it its a drift car after a while,this time an laurel what i did on it:

-bodykit(lip on front bumper,sideskirts,modeled mudflaps on rear bumper,all by me)
-added foglights(old ones modeled by me,4 in total)
-3d door lines(took from c33 by FLASH)
-interior(stripped one by FLASH,new swheel,new seats)
-front licence plate holder with adjustable angle modeled by me
-painjob(still blue,not a sa carcol,decal o nfront window,decal on tails,rear side windows are tined
-new wheels(ssr formula mesh at front,modex dori dori at rear
-new exhaust(i already forgot from what i took it,lol)
-adapted to ivlm

well,thats probably all about this one...i still have one older one to show,hopefully i will post it cya till then;).