Tuesday, November 13, 2012

6 years...

...time sure fly...today its 6 years since i entered the gta modding businnes...about stuff what was hapening,why i entered it and shit i writted in last year post about this...

so this time,i decided i will post jut some various shit from my playing and modding from past years xD,so here we go:

well i took this pic especialy ebcause of the dead granny,lol,but there is other thing vissible...THIS fd when it was still in progress :D

date of capture: 19.3.2009

well guys,this is what happen when you screw up a setting of camhack xD,it took me a while to figure out what to do with it xD

date of capture: 4.4.2009

i took this pic because of the fucked up lighting when i was asking someone what to do with it,lol,but you can see there a nearly,or maybe fully finished FC3S i did,i dont rly remember xD

date of capture: 20.12.2009

this is what happens when you name the taillights same as the taillights dummy...the tails were sticked to that yosemite and he drived with them like that xD,from time when i was making a SECOND VERSION of bluebird 910

date of capture: 16.8.2010

i wanted to do a another version of THIS boso cresta,my plans were quite clear,roofchop,new wheels,new color,i wanted to use a orange only with some decals and some other decals...but then i somehow didnt liked it,so i never continued it...then,instead of this,i did THIS one :)

date of capture: 28.6.2011

when i was getting back from SA:LC TO SA, i was making a color mod setup...actually i screwed it up and this is how my game looked xD

date of capture: 23.4.2012

after we finished COSMO AP with FLASH,i started to working on some boso,or shakotan of it...this was the first version...then i reworked it to black/white one with ssr formula meshes and some other things,but i didnt liked it,so i didnt continued it...sadly i dont have pic of the black/white one...then i took this first one,and reworked it into THIS :)

date of capture: 7.5.2012

and here is an another car that i never finished...the reason of this was that,i started working on this z10 around time when we were doing the NEW Z10 with FLASH...so after we finished the new one,i just decided i wont continue this,and do something similar on the new one...SO I DID :)

date of capture: 14.6.2012

not much to say,just a picture of THIS c110 when it was still in progress :)

date of capture: 10.7.2012

one pretty recent thing,i wanted to do an another boso MARKII,but then i just somehow changed my mind agin...so now i have this in my projects folder...one time i will use it as a base for some other one,just like i did with the red cosmo ap showed in this post,thats for sure :)

date of capture: 9.11.2012

so thats all i prepared for this update xD i have some even older shots,but well,mb next year xD,in case i will be still in this modding thingy...6years...i dont myself know what i still see on this xD....

well that would be all for today,next time i will post a car i did a while ago.so cya till then ;).