Friday, November 30, 2012

nissan skyline c211 2000gt

hi,so i finally managed get myself to post this...a skyline c211 2000gt,basically it could be called a skyline c210 v2 since its obviously the one i did,but reworked...i actually did this one like 3 months ago already lol,but i wanted to post something other or i just didnt feeled like i want to post well,what i did on it:

-some rescales(since the old model had them,especialy front)
-new grill with lights( took from c210 by CLUBTH,newer type,since 2000gt is based on kouki)
-new taillights(modeled by me,newer type,since 2000gt is based on kouki)
-reworked bumpers(at front modeled light cleaners,and some other things,newer type,since 2000gt is based on kouki)
-new mirrors
-reworked interior(seats and swheel from c210 by CLUBTH,new 3d doorboards,retextured)
-new wheels(stock 2000gt ones by MR)
-new color(black only with gold stripe and a decals on sides,just like the real 2000gt...)
-adapted to ivlm

and maybe something other lol,i dont rly remember,how i say,i did it like 3months ago that would be all this time,so cya next time ;D.