Tuesday, January 1, 2013

gran turismo

hay guyz,so how was your new year?well for sure better than mine...i was at home for whole day in bed,watching tv,with fever and shit lol xD...so anyway,for chrismas i happened to got a playstation 3 with gran turismo 5academy edition,wich i wanted for quite a long while,its pretty cool,even thought there is few thing they changed from the gt4 and i think they should rather just keep them how they were,for example a wheel selection.i wont publish my psn name lol,its just enough that some unknown ppls still getting my msn somewhere,i dont need same thing happen there to....

so well,i dont rly know when i will touch gta again,since i also managed to learn drift in gt5,wich i never managed to do in gt4 lol...but that doesnt mean i quit with gta ;).

so thats all for now,sometimes i will post something other about gt5 too.for now enjoy some pics from one hardcore sil80 drift action with KEISUKE at tsukuba xD,mine is the yellow one :).so cya next time ;D.