Wednesday, February 13, 2013

toyota corona-80s much

...and even more with my modifications...?...anyway hi,sorry for quite a while without any update,but lately im at work or play gran turismo lel,but there is allways some time for modding,it can be quite relaxing :D.and here is the first car of year 2013...wel actually i started it yet in 2012,but it was finished in 2013 and thats whats count xD.its a toyota corona rt140,in quite an 80s bosozoku style.just like the what i did:

-bodykit(lip,sideskirts,small spoiler,fender fins,all modeled by me)
-some next addons to the body:small fender flares,antenne on rear fender,a cover in middle of taillights,all modeled by me)
-reworked rear bumper( i put in it an markII plate hole,and put a plate into it,since i reworked its original place on the trunk...)
-some badges(JAF on the grill,older corona badges on the trunk and at the back,jaf one modeled by me,corona ones took from corona by CLUBTH)
-new mirrors(took from datsun 510 from forza)
-new exhaust(from the trd n1 trueno,but doubled,on the side too)
-interior changes(audio from pioneer,grill behind the rear window,steering wheel from the trd n1 trueno,cocacola in a holder,a dashboard cover,a lighting oldschool love thingy behind the front window,expect the cocacola holder and a steering wheel all by me)
-paintjob(my usual red texture,with stripes and some decals)
-new wheels(work artisan spirit by ENDO)
-adapted to ivlm

and thats probably all....i somehow took everything ingame while changed,i might do the post from a build too,well see...i have some more stuff to work on there,so see you next time ;D.