Thursday, September 22, 2016

long time no bluebird 910.

hey,so,if you read my blog for a long time (pretty sure noone like this left tho lol),you might think this is not a first time you see a 910 here...yes,youre right,this is like 5th post with stock 910 lmao.first one have been done 6 years ago,and was rubbish lmao...then i did several next versions,fixes,etc,still based on the original convert...but it was still shit lol...main problem was i didnt found a stock version,only some rallye one,so i had to make lots of changes to make it somehow stock and it wasnt too good,not to mention i didnt had as much skill with this as i have now lmao...i actually wanted to make it again and propertly,based on a stock version of the car for quite a while,so i did :D,originally for s-tuner tho.but now im somehow back at gta i felt like making a sa version aswell,so i did what all have been done:

-converted from racer

-completely remodeled,as the stuner doesnt use textures,i had to make it all quite detailed,so fully 3d doorlines,bumper lines,light lines,etc,grille,inner parts of the lights,etc...basically i had remodeled the complete car,i think there isnt a single thing i wouldnt remodel,edit or fix lmao

-fully textured,as mentioned stuner doesnt use textures so i had to do this now,all the light textures are actual 910 lights,so do badges,generic underbody texture i use all the time,rest is just single color textures

-interior,once again all fixed and partially remodeled,especially in area of the doors when opened etc,decided to use the original racer texture in case of interior as it was quite decent,had to model pedals,gearknob and handbrake as it was completely missing for some reason,and i uv mapped these new parts in the interior texture so it all match.also added a mirror

-stock 910 wheels,racer version comes with these,but they were quite shit so i ended up making completely new ones myself,tire is the one i use on all stock wheels

-engine,decided to use generic IV engine once again,i think thats much better thing to do than using a photo of engine like i used to lmao,ofc engine bay had to be completely remodeled so it fits,not much left of it lmao,some edits on the engine itself too,decided to make it like you can see the cooler by the grille

-4 extras,halfbumper by me,foglights by me,in case of foglights,you can separately turn them on,or they turn themself on while foggy weather,ivlm is amazing thing :D,my pioneer ts-x7 and 4th extra is all of this toghether :D

-added exhaust,stock one by me,but originally for some other car,not sure for wich anymore,i use this exhaust all the time lmao

-added plates,the usual ones i use lel

-adapted to ivlm

-adapted to steering.cs

...and probably something else lmao.might sound like it wasnt that much of a work,but if i count the time i spend on it when i was remodeling it for stuner,and the time i was working on sa version,in total it took me circa a week to make it how i wanted it.but in the end im very satisfied with the result :D.anyway this would be all for this time,i dont have anything in progress rn,but i have few ideas till i make something,cya ;D.