Thursday, December 1, 2016

lmao...i missed it

...yeah i just realised i quite missed my 10 years since i entered gta,and general modding business anniversary by like 2

but yeah,even tho im not as active as i used to be,and mostly on s-tuner lately,after all these years,i still somehow enjoy it:D i didnt did anything new in a while now tho,but i will,sooner or later,i still got some ideas :D

10 years...i wouldnt ever guess i would be so much into it back when when i started...its so long ago,lots of things changed meanwhile,lots of good guys come and go,etc...yet it feels like i wrote that 5 years post just month ago...time flyes,and its actually quite scary how much...

well i dont want to leave this post without images,so even tho i dont realy show my s-tuner work on my blog,i will make a expection this time :D its the r30 we did with FLASH ages ago,i fixed it and converted it to s-tuner quite a while ago,but just recently i reworked it even more,to the facelift known as iron face :D complete rework to facelift version,bumpers,sideskirts,everything :D pretty happy with the result :)

i might convert it back to sa one time too :D tho i dont rly play sa again lmao...well i didnt did anything in stuner in a while now too,as i lately either do stuff irl,or play my summer car,or play at nes classic lmfao

anyway,excuse this abit messy post,but i felt like posting something about that...thanks for everything guys :)

and so that would be all for now,i will post something again,after i will do something for gta,lel...or would you be interested to see my stuner works too?i did quite a heaps of stuff for that already,i guess i could post it aswell,if there would be enough demand...but something tells me i wont get any reaction at all like usally,oh well....anyway, cya for noe ;D

PS:fuck you chase Oo