Thursday, November 19, 2009

nissan 180sx type-x tuned-with 2JZ

hi,so,here is next car xD.this time its tuned 180sx tipe-x.i editing it from THIS model by BLACKKNIGHT,first time i think i put on it just new wheels,and made sleepy lights(in original it was for zr350,but i have it on different car so front lights not work,thats why sleepy lights:D),but after i done there things i think,when i do this already,i can tune it alittle more,and here is what i done on it,wheels(Fikse FM10 by KAMILIO),sleepy lights,2JZ engine(by DRIFTY),interior(steering on right side,new seats-TOM2 say he not want,i still credit him for these seats,so i will stop with it from now xD,new steering wheel-momo by KAMILIO,pedals,handbrake,rollcage-by BLACKKNIGHT,new speedometers,my jdm logo on mirror-that original thing what was be here i move on rollcage,its possible to see it in left rear window,deleted rear seats,OMP logo on dashboard),new licence plates (agin mixed from MIMI yokohama plate and BUSTERS numbers),added these tie for rope in bumpers,some textures(window textures,alittle retextured rear lights...).so thats all about the car:Dand last thing today,how you can see,i made new logo of my page(on top),taked on sakina with this,thats all for now,so cya:D.