Saturday, November 7, 2009

nissan skyvia

hi,so here is my next car,its nissan silvia s13 cabrio,but with s14 front and r32 rear,thats why skyvia :D,this time its stock,so tuning version coming soon ;D,so what i do on it:cabrio from normal s13,r32 rear,s14 front,s14 seats,wheels and steering wheel,japan licence plates,interior from left side driving to right side driving.

here is car where i get inspiration for do that :D.

and some w.i.p. pics,how you can see,i not just delete s13 front and put here s14 front like it doing guys with onevias sil80 etc,i attach it by made new polys :D,by same way i do my onevia and sky80 :D.

thats all for now,so cya ;D.