Monday, November 16, 2009

toyota mr2 aw11tuned

hi,i know,i say first i do tuning version of skyvia,but i will not do any tuning version from it,cuz every idea what i have for it look pretty weird on it i do tuning version of aw11;Dso what i change on it:part of front bumper(remaked from mazda mx5 front bumper,added yellow lights),rear underbumper(remaked from rear bumper),deleted wing(i not much like it here),wheels(monza et20 by KAMILIO+ new tires),licence plates(i mix it from MIMI yokohama plate and numbers by BUSTERS),interior(new seat with bride belt,new steering wheel,new tachos,my jdm logo on mirror),some textures(bride logo on dashboard,rear window...).i not do anything with engine,cuz i put in stock already tuned you can see,now i doing especialy cars without pj,thats because my style is somehow changed,now i more like cars without pj,so thats why:D.well,this is all for now,so cya;D.