Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mazda cosmo ap

hi,i decided i will skip few mods just to show this xD,if you read FLASH blog,you already saw it...but we dedided we both will show it on our blogs :D.

flash writted it pretty shortly,so i will write it...it started by that i gived the idea to flash,then i send him blueprint...he was modelling the model,i helped with some things(headlights,taillights and few other parts on body)...when the main model was done,flash send it to me,i did some more fixes on body,also i modeled the engine bay,some other parts in engine,inside parts of the lights,the lights on side and few other things...then i textured whole thing,added plates,mirrors and few things to interior,did handling and carcols and it was done :D

so thats how it is :P

btw,after loong time,there are pictures took in the san andreas,not lc xD...

well thats all for today,next time i will hopefully relase the hiroshima already,lol...well cya next time ;D.