Monday, June 4, 2012

ae86,after a while

hi,so after a while i posting something what i did earlyer,like 2 months ago already lol...its decent trueno based on this one...even though it seems pretty decent,there is actualy alot of work in it:

-reworked to panda(modeled trims on sides,etc)
-remodeled bumpers(i used bottom half from GTAPEX ae86 for racer,then modelling to make it fit,actualy i did the stock bumpers now,on the stock one i did i quite fucked up the bumper part lol,on rear one i remodeled mudflaps too,and on front one i added the foglights)
-added spoiler
-new taillight texture(by me)
-reworked interior(interior took me the most of the time on this one,because the one from stock one sucked,i guess i was too lazy to do it propertly lol,i had to rework it ,most of the interior is agin from GTAPEX racer one,but lots of modelling to made it fit here was done too...but thats not all,then i replaced pedals,driver seat and swheel for tuning ones from trd ae86,the gtapex dashboard had a cup holder,so i modeled a japanese cocacola cam,also i modeled the RPM meter,also i added water temp meter by someone,sorry,i dont remember who did it lol,also i added cigs and my japanee mentos pack,also some decals and trees on mirror xD)
-new exhaust
-new wheels(Work Artisan Spirit)
-new plates
-some decals on windows

well thats probaly all about this one...for the next update i will post my another collab with FLASH ;D,so cya until then ;P.