Tuesday, June 19, 2012

nissan laurel c33

hi,so there is my next car...i bet all of you know this old c33,also you all know it was pretty badly done,unfitting interior,etc...so i decided i will fix it,and rework it:D,so what all have been done:

-fixed body(some normals issues,bonnet was too smoothed,etc)
-retextured whole thing(there isnt even only original texture on it now,lol)
-new lights(new textures,front ones have modeled inside of the light)
-new exhaust(modeled by me)
-new interior(whole interior is new,mostly modeled by me,except for seats,swheel and few other details)
-new engine(rb26,engine bay is modeled by me)
-new wheels(i couldnt decide what to use,so i did a nissan hubcaps)
-new plates
-added badges from laurel c35 by NELLY

and well,thats probally all about the car:D...i still have something to show,so cya until next time ;D.

BTW:this is last car wich pics i took in sa:lc...so nothing left from that era anymore...so now i can say,goodbye sa:lc.