Wednesday, June 27, 2012

boso soarer z10 this just had to happen,right?so what was been done

-bodykit(lip,sideskirts,diffuzor,spoiler,all modeled by me)
-modeled vents into front fenders
-swapped grill(grill from my corona t14,but chrome part was painted in black,so its not so vissible)
-added foglights,wich was modeled by me some time ago
-lonza taillight covers+cover of the licence plate hole modeled by me
-tsurikawa under the rear bumper
-edited interior(new swheel,can holder with cocacola,dices on mirror,rollcare,cocacola flag on rear seats,my ts-x7 speakers,tsurikawas,original side windows covers,or wtf,modeled by me)
-new mirrors
-new exhaust
-new wheels(my renoma)
-new paint(just this green,not paintable anymore)

well,thats probaly all....cya next time ;D.