Thursday, January 15, 2015

markII gx71 small update

hi,so there is promised next post,actually its just small update of markII gx71 we did with started by NKYMTOR gave me his awesome stock rim model,so i thought why not to use it right away :D.its not only thing i did on it actualy...

-new rims(stock one by NKYMTOR)
-hella foglights(i wanted to try set foglights in ivf,and i think its pretty great,i will do that more often,they arent as extra,but permanent this time,because os foglights dummy's)
-few materials fixed(mostly lights one,i somehow forgot to put reflection on them,wut)
-adapted to steering.cs(i wasnt doing that back then,so when i had it opened...)

and thats probably i sayd,it was just a small fix :D...anyway i have in progress another tuned car,i work on it for like 5 days already,i think it got a potential to be one of my best cars :D,but about that after i finish it and such, cya till then ;D

PS:i added a share/like facebook button,its under shoutboard,so like it if you want,but some feedback would be welcomed ;)