Tuesday, January 27, 2015

uras style onevia

hi,so here is the car about wich i talked in last update,a tuned onevia :D.i think this is rly one of my best cars i did sofar,it took me like 5 days...or better say nights,lel,wich isnt rly usual,usally im done in day,two,3 max,even in case of scratch made cars,lel.also amount of my own scratch made parts is pretty high at that one...also this time i took a lots of care of interior too,i usally abit overlook interiors in tuned cars,do just few edits and it is done,but not this time...its based on THIS s13 i use all the time...well anyway what all i did on it,this time i gonna write up the list abit differently,to get it less messy:

-reworked to onevia,i used front from THIS onevia,but not much rly left of it,as i made 3d door lines etc...)
-new taillights,originally from grid2,they were send to me by SURGE,but i abit reworked and remodeled them to make them fit 100%
-3d door handles,originally from same s13 from grid2,but abit reworked by SURGE,i inmodeled them in my doors then
-remodeled mirrors,abit,i moved the mirror glass more into the mirror,before they were flat,wich wasnt rly good
-clear fender indicators,modeled by me
-nearly all new popups,originally i wanted to did a custom headlights,but later i changed my mind and reworked it back to stock...it took me a while,i should leave it like that from the beggining,lel
-custom onevia badge,originally done for THIS onevia,but abit reworked for this one
-original 2 tone paint
-some decals on windows,the bottom one at rear windows is RISE.FM radio logo from gta3,to remind one of best,or maybe the best,radio that was in any gta :)

BODYKIT:uras type 4+other uras parts
-front bumper is originally a lod2 origin send to me by DYXICZ,i think,one from forza,but hardly remodeled and enhanced by me
-sideskirts,as i base i took SVANDER ones i used on THIS s13,but i figured out they arent that correct,so i hardly remodeled them...think of it,just like 6 polygons left from the original ones lel,and these were edited too
-rear bumper,as a base i again took SVANDER one i used at same s13 as the sideskirts,but unlike sideskirts,there isnt a single poly left from the original one,basically i just used it as a "blueprint" for brand new one
-front uras wide fenders,remodeled out of stock fenders
-rear uras wide fenders,quite alot remodeled from rear stock fenders,also they are bolted on the body,each bolt have an actual bolt texture,idk if it will be too well vissible on the pics
-uras spoiler,actually its for er34,but even on uras page they sayd and shown it can be used on s13 too,modeled by me,its bolted on body the same way the rear overfenders are

-base is stripped down interior i did for THIS s13,but it got darkened texture now
-dashboard and doorboards from forza one converted by NKYMTOR,but abit fixed and remodeled to make them fit,also they are retextured now,got actual leather texture,unlike the original state
-nismo speedometer,texture by me
-gauges panel got carbon texture
-addon nismo gauges with carbon panel instead of cd player modeled by me
-all the gauges and buttons glow at night,done by vertex colors
-nismo keychain modeled by me
-my decal at the dashboard
-cocacola tin with a holder,tin by me,holder by GTAPEX,i used that in few more cars already
-ultranorsk at the mirror,i forgot who did it
-nismo gearknob modeled by me
-nardi steering wheel,originally steering wheel from THIS ae86 i use all the time,but this time remodeled,fixed and retextured to get an actual nardi from it
-recaro seats with hks pattern from SURGE,middle of doorboards got same hks pattern texture
-takata seatbelts from MARKO
-"raceflag"alike mats,modeled by me,originally for THIS cosmo
-custom rollcage,even with shaded alike texture,and bolts to ground,modeled by me

-ca18 send to me by MARKO,slightly tuned,most probably by MATHEUS340,fixed,abit remodeled and abit retextured by me
-bottom of bonnet got rising sun flag texture with is mixed with picture of actuall bottom of the bonnet,done by me
-new exhaust,modelled by me
-intercooler,modeled by me for THIS s13 again,but this time it got new nismo logo instead of old

-advan racing TCII ripped from somewhere by MARKO,i edited the texture to get them abit darker,and readded the logo wich was missing
-new brakes,originally by MIMI if i remember right,with new texture,i used that few times already
-advan tire,modeled by me
-i did that trick to get a different rim for each dummy,but i used same rims everywhere,i did that to get tires how they are supposed to be on left side too

-new plates,well the model is same like all the time,but different number,you know what i mean
-adapted to imvehft mod
-adapted to steering.cs
-new handling and vehicles.ide,to make it not fly above ground,also it got slight camber

....aaaaand thats all,i think i didnt forget anything....wow...what a lovestory again,but as you guys know i like to write down everything i did on it,and this time,i did quite alot on it,haha....writting this up took me over a hour...and taking pics took me like hour aswell,so i hope atleast one person will read it,also some feedback would be welcomed;)....well that would be it,i have prepared another car to post,stock one this time again,but about that later....so thats all for now,see you next time ;D.